BayCrest's Run Forrest Run

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Bred by Kathy & Ed Coffman and Cornelius Campbell.
Forrest is a littermate to Piper, Paddle and Titan.
We named the entire litter after characters in the Forrest Gump movie (Forrest Gump is Keeper's nickname). Forrest just seemed to fit and stuck with him. Oddly enough he was named after a Movie Star and then became one as one of three Akitas chosen to portray the legendary Hachiko in the Richard Gere Movie, Hachi. Forrest lives nearby in Delaware with his best friends The Capaldi family. 
Forrest was only a little over two years old when he made the movie-they have "great" make up artists.
Forrest tribute add a

Forrest doing autographs for Rescue


Forrest and some of his best Rescue Friends

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