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Very Exciting Breeding CONFIRMED
Nippon Jume Hisashi
Monumental's Always A Top Model (9 points)
26 1/4" to 26-1/2"
Time Line for this Breeding:
11/07/2017-PREGNANCY Has been CONFIRMED VIA UltraSound
12/04 to 12/07-Puppies DUE
We are anticipating striking red/orange coloring from this breeding, with some puppies with the White Faced Red Marking Patterns. 
Puppy Choices will be awarded in the order deposits are received from approved applications. Serious show homes (if their is current interest) always take precedence (those pups are evaluated and chosen by breeder). Companion Puppies (on spay/neuter contract) $2,500.
 ($500.00 Deposit Required for companion deposits)
Puppies from this breeding will be born December 7-11, and will be ready to enter their new homes approximately February 7-14. This breeding has generated a huge amount of interest and we anticipate having most to all of their homes lined up before these puppies are born.
Please Feel Free to contact us with any serious questions you may have about this breeding or our dogs. 
We ask that you consider our dogs and this breeding seriously before you ask for an application as we will consider any applications we approve to be a serious commitment to purchase. We spend considerable time reviewing and researching applications so we "may" ask for a deposit as a monetary commitment to purchase upon approval of your application.
Deposits on our Puppies are non-refundable and will transfer to our very next breeding only, if we are unable to provide you with a puppy from this litter. 
For those who have been waiting for this breeding we Thank You for your patience. 
Questions may be sent to