A Typical White Faced Red Litter

 If you are interested in a puppy from one of our breedings we require our application to be filled out and sumitted for our approval along with a signed copy of our BayCrest's Myths/Promise. Your application MUST state your sexual preference or need-we will NOT place same sex Akitas in Non-Show Homes!

We consider ourselves "Responsible Breeders" and as such we do not recognize the term "breeding quality". Any dog that is worthy of reproducing should also prove itself in the AKC conformation ring. We do not sell dogs for breeding purposes. 

Contact us for an application at baycrestakitas@hotmail.com (or just copy and paste our applicaiton at the bottom of this page). We will then contact you if we have approved your application and you will be invited to place a deposit on one of our puppies or a future breeding.

Deposits are $500.00 and NON REFUNDABLE. If we can not provide you with a puppy from that breeding your deposit will be applied to a future breeding (please note we do NOT breed litters every year and it may take several years to fulfill your puppy request). If you put a deposit on a puppy from this breeding and change your mind your deposit will not be refunded or applied to another puppy.  If we invite you to place a deposit, it MUST be received within five mailing days-if your deposit is not rec'd within five days your application will be considered null and void.
Companion Puppy Choices are given in the order deposits are received. Once  you have chosen a puppy-there will be no refunds or transfers of your deposits to future litters.

Our puppies are available for showing AFTER they have passed the SEVEN WEEK period (and have gotten their first vaccines). PLEASE do not ask to come see our puppies unless and until we have approved your puppy application and the puppies are seven weeks of age. Weekly photos are sent and supplied to future homes.

"MOST" of our puppies are reserved and sold before they are born or by the time they are seven days old. 
Companion Puppies are  $1500-2500 (depending on the breeding) Show Potentials are by Private Treaty. 

ALL Show Potential Puppies will be placed on strict conformation show agreement contracts (this means the dog MUST be shown). This is the ONLY way we will place ANY dog on full registration. ALL puppies placed as companions will be placed on Limited Registrations and VERY strict spay/neuter contracts.

We consider all of our puppies our children and as such we will only consider dedicated "life time" homes for them. We will go to great lengths to enforce the contracts on our children. We have placed many, many wonderful companion dogs who could have easily attained their AKC Championships-the "best" home for each puppy is our main concern. 

We are often asked if we offer shipping. NO we do not offer shipping this is not a mail order breeding establishment. We offer Companion Animals to be added to your home as a family member. If you can not drive here to pick your puppy up we do offer free delivery to BWI Airport-flight arrangements must be made and paid for in advance by the purchaser. We will offer guidance and our expertise as to the best methods to get your new puppy or dog to you-however we will not take on the responsibility of shipping a puppy to you. We require a face to face meeting with you or a  personal representative of your choosing. Our Policies are to meet with the person who will be entering into the BayCrest family BEFORE providing you with your puppy. It is usually far less expensive to fly in and pick your puppy up. 

Please consider saving a life and rescuing a dog.
We highly reccomend and support BEAR (Big East Akita Rescue)

We can also be contacted by phone
(410) 673-7387 (please talk to the machine)
or via mail
7112 East New Market Ellwood Rd.
Hurlock, MD 21643 
or email

If you would like us to email you a copy of our puppy application to fill out, please add YOUR name and YOUR email address to the link below.
We will email you a copy of our application.
This form MUST be filled out by an adult of at least 21 years of age.
We only deal with Adults  old enough to enter into legally binding contracts.
(If your application appears to have been filled out by a child it will go directly into the trash bin)